Saturday, January 01, 2005

HANCK (Homeschool Activity Network - Central Kansas)

HANCK (Homeschool Activity Network - Central Kansas)

Coordinator: Cindy Conrad

Email List:

HANCK is a very informal network of Wichita area homeschooling families interested in creating and sharing group activities. Any homeschooling family can join HANCK. The only requirement is that you either already know someone in the network, or that you get up off your couch and actually meet someone in the network within one month of joining. This requirement exists because there are a few scary people lurking around on the internet. We want to make sure that those reading posts about where our children will be are real homeschooling families we've really met in real life. Really. Any HANCK member can organize activities for the group or a subset of the group. The rules, fees, and other details of any activity are determined by the member or members providing it. You may also use HANCK to advertise your own homeschooling organization.

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