Saturday, January 01, 2005

SKYTHA (South Kansas Teen and Youth Homeschool Activities)

Jaelene Huffman
huffinfamily AT netscape DOT net

La Cygnes, Kansas
Will want to have teen dances on Fridays or Saturdays, family camp outs, check out the stars through telescopes, etc.


This is a new group of homeschoolers looking to put together activities geared toward teens, 13 and up. We will plan activities for younger children to take place at the same time when possible. Some of the things we want to see happen are: Dances, game night/day, movies, a family camp, maybe just time to hang out with friends, and whatever things they want to do. We want suggestions from teens and parents. For the younger kids we are thinking crafts, play time, games, scavenger hunt, and whatever else we come up with. We ask that everyone respect various beliefs and approaches to homeschooling. Tolerance of others is a must.

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