Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kansas Prairie Association

Rebecca Frydendall
rfryendall AT msn DOT com

Will meet one time per month in Salina.
Child geared.


We are an unschooling coop group which means we will be child directed... Examples of this would include; we as parents would decide on a topic such as Johnny Appleseed. We then would have several Centers available for the kids to go too so they can learn as they will by doing activities, crafts, worksheets, or anything else that may interest them in the category that is being discussed.

We will also base fieldtrips on the topic. For example, on this topic we might go to Courtland Apple Orchard. We are looking at a Friday date for the coop at this point. We are also looking at offering a choir and a string band for Christmas and Easter Cantatas to put on for the elderly somewhere here in town.

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