Wednesday, January 05, 2005

About Kansas Area Homeschool Network

Kansas Area Homeschool Network was created as a resource for those who have chosen the path of homeschooling, in ALL of its many forms, in Kansas and surrounding areas. We hope to provide a place for families to come for information, connection with other area families, support, and sharing. Specifically, we hope to provide a sense of community and resources for those taking more eclectic paths of homeschooling, including unschooling, child-led learning, life learning, etc.

Would you like to contribute to Kansas Area Homeschool Network? We welcome your submissions, ideas, input, and feedback. Our purpose is to develop a bigger sense of community for Kansans who are homeschooling, especially those who feel they don't necessarily fit within the larger, traditional homeschool community.

It is not our intention to limit this website to any particular type of homeschooler. If you have a different perspective or advice to offer, we'd love to hear from you. We hope to build this as an inclusive site, with many points of view, where all sorts of people can browse and look for answers. We can't do that, however, without your help. Feel free to contact goobmom23 AT yahoo DOT com to submit your articles and ideas.

Kansas Area Homeschool Network is a better place if YOU are involved.

If you are a homeschool group coordinator, make sure your information gets submitted to our directory.

About the Editor:
Tracy Million Simmons brings you the Kansas Homeschool Network, with some encouragement from her homeschooling friends, after years of contemplating the organization of such a group. Also an unschooler, Tracy is mother to three. Tracy likes to write, document her family's history through pictures and stories, take long walks and bike rides, and contemplate what she's going to learn next.

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