Saturday, January 01, 2005

WIHS (Wichita Independent Home Schoolers)

Updated 2/3/2009

Note from KAHN: I have recieved word that this group is not currently active. Please let me know if there is updated information I can add regarding this group or other Wichita area organizations I can list for people looking for homeschooling support.

Sandy Gritz
WIHSsite AT gmail DOT com

This group generally meets on Wednesdays, though special events are scheduled throughout the week.


WIHS is a secular, inclusive homeschool support group in Wichita, KS. WIHS was created to forge an atmosphere of camaraderie among local homeschoolers. WIHS requires respect for other people's chosen paths and does not endorse any particular religious, political or educational philosophy. WIHS seeks intelligent, open-minded, forward-thinking homeschoolers who choose to explore educational opportunities for themselves and their children. WIHS seeks to provide a place where members can feel free to share homeschooling ideas and resources, ask questions and find encouragement. WIHS requests member participation, but does not collect dues or ask its members to sign anything. This group offers weekly meetings, fieldtrips, parents’ nights out, online chats, and online discussion via a Yahoogroup.

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