Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Entry at Home/School/Life

Too many good intentions! Too much going on. This short month has gotten away without me.

Now that it's almost time for March, here's a link to my February entry at Home/School/Life:

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – Homeschooling Better, After the Fact

An excerpt:
"And as I’m being honest, I have to remember that any bit of arm twisting I might have done to prepare her for this test before it was important to her, wouldn’t have done much good anyway. It wasn’t in our repertoire, me making unilateral decisions about what we were going to study and why. Our focuses have always been a team effort. My role has been to participate, assist, and sometimes stay out of the way."

Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Being a Homeschooler is Actually Like

This one actually entertained me. Click here. (link to Buzz Feed)

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Entry at Home/School/Life

I nearly forgot to link my entry from this month's Home/School/Life. You can find it here.

Can we build a wall?” the members of my family asked. “Would it remain standing? Could we put an actual door in it?”

Thursday, January 01, 2015

From the Archives: Spelling Lessons

First published at Inside My Head, Friday, October 17, 2008

My son is prepping for his birthday. He says he wants lots of stuff on his list so that he will be surprised with what he ends up with.

"How do you spell, remote control airplane?" he asks.


R. Dad's letter. That's just like a K. Only you close up the top.


You know how I know E? It's easy to remember even though it's not in my name. It's my sister's name. Why are some E's at the end of words silent. Why do they put silent letters in at all? What's the point?


I always mix Ms up with Ns. And I forget. Is it up down up down up down up, or just up down up down? You can write M and N together and just go up down up down up down up.


O's are easy. I could just write zero too and you wouldn't know the difference.



T -- my letter.

T. That's right. Have I been writing capital letters or small letters?


What if we just left that off?

It would be a remot rather than a remote.

Really? adds the e

New word -- C

Should I start here or on a new line. I guess I've been writing too big. After this word I will start writing smaller. looks to me in expectation


Like an O, but not closed on the side.


writes an O


How would you spell N?


No, I mean, how would you spell the sound, N? Like if you were writing the word, in.

I-N as in I put it in the basket, or E-N makes the sound as in enough or entry


I forget T again.

My letter -- T.

Oh right. T. T. Tracy. Tent. T. T. T. Ttttttaaaaallllll.


How long do light bulbs last? Do you think we could make our own light bulbs? I want to make a new doll house and put wires in it. Or maybe a real fire place. Could I put a real fire in my house?

I'm not sure a real fire in a shoe box house would be a good idea.

What if I put it in a glass jar? Are we done?

You have written "remote cont."

What's next?


What's R?

Dad's letter. Like a K, but with the top closed.

Oh right. R. R. R. R. Does Rand start with R?


That's what R sounds like. Rrrrrr. Rand. Rrrrr. Rrrrr.


Do you spell O with a silent E? No, it's not an E. What is it? When you say O, you spell it with an...


Yeah. H. I just don't get those silent letters.


I'm going to start writing smaller. See how small I can write?


3 words, 33 minutes. We're getting there.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Driving Lessons, a Mom’s View from the Passenger’s Seat

My new entry is up at home/school/life. You can run right over and read the whole thing here.

I would like to say that after so many years of unschooling, it is easy now to trust, to embrace the sometimes jerky starts and stops, the sudden braking when you thought you were accelerating and vice versa. I would like to claim I have learned better, but I am still guilty of embracing those old straight roads of my past. I am tempted to say to my son, “Just let me take you there. I will do the hard part. I’ll keep driving; you just tell me where you want to go.”

Monday, December 01, 2014

Found in the Archives

"Back when I used to believe I was an alien..." my son said.

I was glad he brought it up, because I've often wondered what he remembers of the elaborate tales he used to tell us of the "planet he came from" before he joined us. He was in the 3-5 age range when he would tell these stories.

First, I had to ask if he actually believed he was an alien. 

He said, "Oh no. I just liked to imagine that I was and tell stories about it. But, I did used to think that when I closed my eyes and saw those green circles that it meant I was important and doing something really special to fulfill my destiny. Then I realized that’s just what you saw if you rubbed your eyes real hard. Now I think I’m important for other reasons.”

He wouldn't elaborate, but I was entertained.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Directions to Some Excellent Posts about Math

I need to take the time to sort my own thoughts and experiences with math, both for myself and for my children, but if you are unschooling (or homeschooling) -- which I assume you are if you have arrived here -- I highly recommend that you take the time to run (not walk) over to Laura Grace Weldon's blog and read...

1) Math Instruction versus Natural Math: Benezet's Example


2) The Benefits of Natural Math

Call that my linky-love for the week.