Monday, October 23, 2006

Family Science Discovery at Science City

Winter Discoveries include:

Fighter Pilot I - November 11

Fighter Pilot II - November 18

Dinos Alive! - December 2

Make your own Science Gifts I - December 9

Make your own Science Gifts II - December 16

Dr. Phil Show on Homeschooling

Anyone looking forward to the upcoming Dr. Phil Show on Homeschooling might want to read this.

Update: Still no air date for the Dr. Phill Show on homeschooling, but here is another article of interest. (Article has moved -- it was a more positive view of the Dr. Phil show -- will try to locate and repost link.)

Update: To be aired the Friday after Thanksgiving: Nov. 24, 2006.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Third Time is a Charm

If you've been following, there have been a couple of aborted attempts at keeping a companion blog site for The main idea behind the blog is to keep a running list of area activities and events that might be of interest to homeschoolers. This will include everything from general places to go and things to see in Kansas, to notification of homeschool specific activities. As well, I will post notifications every time the website is updated and will attempt to link to articles in the news regarding homeschooling or other items of interest as I see fit.

If you come across something you think ought to be listed, please feel free to contact me. I welcome assistance.

The main attraction of the blog (aside from ease of updating on my part) is that you will have the option of subscribing to the blog via RSS feed. If you have a homepage, such as yahoo, for instance, you can add the feed from this blog to your contents page so that you will be able to see updates at the same time you are browsing your news items for the day or checking your stocks --- whatever. Subscription services such as bloglines are also handy if you are a multiple-blog watcher.