Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Upcoming Writing Contests

Here are a couple of writing contests to put on your calendar if you have kids who enjoy writing. These are both affiliated with the Kansas Authors Club, and there is a contest for adults, as well, for you aspiring writing parents out there.

Please note that the adult contest begins accepting entries on April 1st, and the kid contest begins accepting entries April 13th. Please don't submit your entries prior to that, just start getting them ready.

Here's a link for the guidelines for youth entries. This contest accepts both prose and poetry entries.

There is also a contest for young poets, ages 5-18. Click here for guidelines to the Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest.

Kids are invited to enter both the KAC Youth and Karnowski contests.

If you have a writer in the house, you may also be interested in the Book Arts Bash.

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