Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moms of Show & Tell


Welcome to our special Show & Tell edition.

Ann has an article coming out in this month's issue of Live Free Learn Free.

Claudia shares photos of a recent crafty project. “This is a shirt I made for my daughter for her favorite band (mcrmy is the website the fans get together on and talk). It may not look like it, but it took a while! I was trying to keep the letters all the same size and legible. I like doing crafty stuff like that. I have made drapes for several rooms in our house and a couple of skirts. I am best at straight line sewing. My next project is painting our hallway.”

Jan is working on a scrapbook for her in-law's 35th wedding anniversary.

Nancy, Pezmaniac, says... “I'm a PEZhead. Many places online I go by “Pezimaniac”. That's from my combination of liking PEZ and the Animaniacs. I started collecting in 1995. I put up my first PEZ webpage in April 1997. It still exists but has not been updated since November 2005. (It has many broken links and is somewhat awkward to navigate, but you can see some of my PEZ there.) Both my webpage and my collecting have been neglected (but not forgotten) since I became a mom. I go to PEZ collector conventions, and I buy and sell on the internet. I haven't counted my PEZ in years, but I am sure that I have over 1000 in my collection. I still get excited when I find a new PEZ at a grocery store or an old one at an antique mall.”

a picture of the Pez collection from June 1996
Brita Velveeta (a normal sized traveling PEZ)and some of my giants
the "PEZ corner" in my living room now - those on the wood shelves are for playing with and giving away (not the kid, of course ;-)

Tracie shares her artwork.

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