Monday, May 14, 2007

Learning Outside the Lines: Homeschooling in Kansas

...from the Lawrence Journal-World

More Kansas parents are choosing to home school, convinced they can provide their children a better education than public or private schools. Whether motivated by religion, scheduling flexibility or an aversion to bureaucracy; these families say home education thrives in a state where few regulations govern what and how they teach.

The above link will take you to the list of articles. I like the variety of opinions being expressed here. I will go ahead and point out a few specific pieces.

Rain Quinlan deals with home school stereotypes

Sarah Sobonya says unschooling led to creativity

Homeschoolers say socialization not a problem

Former home schoolers transition to college, work

I had not heard this before (and I'm curious, is it accurate?):
Starting in 2008, home-schoolers at state universities also will be required to pass the GED for admission.

Also want to point out this article by HSLDA.
Scott Woodruff explains Kansas home school laws

Hot pockets of stubborn opposition to home schooling occasionally arise in Kansas, but the forecast for the future is excellent. There is nothing like individual ownership to improve the way something is cared for, and home school families take full ownership of their children’s education.

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