Friday, May 11, 2007

Moms of Kansas Show & Tell

Part II of II

Samantha says... “Besides my kids and of course my husband, I love yarn. I'm kind of addicted to it really. I crochet it and now I even knit it. I'm learning to spin it too. I wrote a filk song about my love of yarn. You can keep up to date with my addiction on my blog, The Fiber Star, because I've always wanted to be a star and my kids taught me to start now rather than wait.

Lisa shared some musings with us on being a Recovering Type-A Mom.
We liked it so much we published it in our articles section.

Justine writes...

I have a bird watching hobby that began about two years ago with pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seed. It has, since then, developed into a hobby that I have invested a significant amount of time and money in continuing. I use many different types of bird feeders and seeds to attract a variety of birds to my yard. I also attend bird watching excursions and classes in the area. I keep a list of the birds that I’ve seen that I’ve been able to identify, and my list is up to almost 60 birds. Of course, I’ve seen many more, but am not able to identify all the birds that I’ve seen, so I don’t include them on my list. This winter, I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count and had over 20 species of birds in my backyard in the span of about an hour!

My most recent endeavor has been the placing of a blue bird box in my yard with the hope that the Eastern Bluebird would nest there. The bluebirds began looking for nesting sights over the winter months with some of the first nesting beginning early March. In my case, my nest box was not chosen for an earlier nesting, and I had just about given up hope, until about a week ago when I noticed a pair checking it out.

The past week, they were busy building a nest, and as of today, the female has laid two eggs.

I’ll offer meal worms (which I buy at a local bird store) for the bluebirds in a tray on a small tree near their nest while they are busy incubating and eventually feeding their young.
I often write about my birding adventures on my blog page.

Rebecca is prepping for her daughter's wedding only ONE weekend away.

Tracy says... “My mom built one of the first backyard ponds I'd ever seen almost 20 years ago. She added to it year by year, but hers was eventually surrounded by stone paths and tons of flowers and a big wooden swing shaded by a beautiful grape vine. Now we have many, many family members with backyard ponds and every one of them was inspired by my mom. Most of them even have plants and maybe even goldfish stock that started with my mother. The kids and I joined the backyard pond club this year. We hope to add a little year by year, but this was our big project for spring and we've spent countless hours already watching the fish and reading by the pond.”

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