Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unschooling Revisited

From The Story ~ America Public Media
A second interview with Valerie Fitzenreiter.

In February, Dick talked with Valerie Fitzenreiter about educating her daughter, Laurie Chancey, at home. Valerie allowed Laurie to study whatever and whenever she wanted. Laurie is now pursuing a PhD in sociology.

That program generated a lot of response from listeners, one of whom was Kate Walsh.

Kate is a retired teacher, who was less than enthusiastic about the idea of unschooling: "How charming, for people who don't need, or dismiss the aspect of, general education."

I find this interview interesting because Kate's arguments really mirror my initial concerns when my husband started talking about wanting to homeschool before our first child was even born.

I'm sure I will write more on this, but I wanted to share the link with everyone.

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