Monday, December 01, 2014

Found in the Archives

"Back when I used to believe I was an alien..." my son said.

I was glad he brought it up, because I've often wondered what he remembers of the elaborate tales he used to tell us of the "planet he came from" before he joined us. He was in the 3-5 age range when he would tell these stories.

First, I had to ask if he actually believed he was an alien. 

He said, "Oh no. I just liked to imagine that I was and tell stories about it. But, I did used to think that when I closed my eyes and saw those green circles that it meant I was important and doing something really special to fulfill my destiny. Then I realized that’s just what you saw if you rubbed your eyes real hard. Now I think I’m important for other reasons.”

He wouldn't elaborate, but I was entertained.

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