Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kids Bowl Free

Here's a fun summer activity that might be available in your area. Click here for bowling alleys participating in Kids Bowl Free in Kansas.

If the whole family likes to bowl, there is apparently a family pass available at a very reasonable rate.

The Family Pass was created to allow for adult family members to enjoy bowling throughout the summer as well. The Family Pass costs $23.95 (except Royal Pin Leisure Centers, $29.95) and includes 2 GAMES PER PERSON PER DAY. The Family Pass is $23.95 and covers up to 4 adult family members. If you have 1 or 4 for family members on the pass, it is still $23.95 for the entire summer. This one-time payment covers up to 4 adults for the entire summer.

And if you are from somewhere other than Kansas, just click the 'home' link to find out which bowling centers are participating in your state.

Thanks, Roxie, for the link.

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