Friday, January 30, 2009

Video Game Content

This site was of special interest to me because it was created by a Lenexa mom, Darla Liebl. I like her concept. is an easy, reliable video game review site for parents who want the facts, not opinions, on today's popular video games. I simply watch kids play videogames and look for anything a parent would want to know. No more searching the web for details, no more trusting the videogame rating system, no more depending on other people's opinions on what's appropriate for your child.

What this site is: A video game review site for parents who need a quick, easy way to get the facts about popular video games based on an evaluation of SLARV:

Sexual Content


Additional Comments

Racial Insensitivity


What this site is NOT: My video game opinion. You're the parent, you can form your own opinions on what's appropriate or not appropriate for your child.

You can read the article from Kansas City Sun Publications, or view the site here.

Thanks for the tip, Shelley.

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