Monday, January 08, 2007

Fifth Annual Spring Contest for Young Writers

an invitation from Dorothy Masters, This and That Columnist

Pen me a poem, write me a story, fiction or non-fiction, use the computer or write by hand. You pick the subject, it is your work! Any writing talent you care to share with me will work for my contest in the spring. If the younger children would like to enter, tell your story in picture form.

I will ask members of the Kansas Authors Club to help judge the entries to award engraved medals for your effort. Sharpen up your wit and show your best writing talent with poetry, prose or art work. If there is any interest, I will ask my editors to print the prize winners again this year, but I need to hear if anyone does or does not want their work printed. If you want it printed in a local paper in my weekly column, write me a note, sign your name and have your parents sign to give me permission to print your work. Send a comment to me and the editor of your paper if the general public enjoys reading the children’s work in your local paper.

Any child is eligible through high school level including home schooled children. Entries must be in my hands by March 1, 2007.

Be sure and put your name and address on your work so I can notify you of the winners. Keep a copy of entries; your work may not be returned to you because the vast amount of entries..

Send to: Dorothy Masters
13842 High-way K- 31
Harveyville, Kansas 66431

Telephone 1-785-589-2552

The subject is wide open, let you imagination soar and tell a great story or spell out a life lesson. Good human interest stories cover many topics and a wide range of ideas. Your pets make wonderful stories to share. There is no limit as to number of words; it is the thought content that matters.

There will be a new category this year because of Burlingame Rodeo Days in May. The Rodeo Days Planners have asked me to add a category to my youth writing contest to promote some interest about the Burlingame Community with the writing of many historical points of the area. Mr. James Nelson has agreed to teach a workshop on how to do Historical Research. More about that class will follow, be thinking about what aspect of the history you would like to research.
For historical facts, consider interviewing your parents, grandparents and older friends to collect their stories and memories of significant persons, places or events in Burlingame and the surrounding area; they are great resources of the past.

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