Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Homeschool Day Book

There is a new record keeping tool on the market that was created by a homegrown homeschooling family - the Homeschool Day Book.

Here's what Cindy has to say about the product:

My husband has put together a homeschool record keeping software product, and it was designed with unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in mind. Basically, it was designed to work for our homeschool, but be flexible as we might change. Anyway, he's got it up and running and for sale on its own website.

It is really easy to use. One thing that I've thought of for unschoolers is that you could actually just do one entry a day, like a blog entry, and attach all the "subject" labels that would apply to that day's activity. So, it's a good way to look back over what you've done, and also a good chance to think through how things are going by writing about it each day. Just one way to use it.

At the website you can download a free trial version (fully featured, just limits how long you can use it until you pay). And if you decide to buy, there is an "early bird" sale going on right now. It's usually $49, but while it is still brand new, it's for sale for $29.

I'm a record keeper at heart (though I usually prefer to refer to myself as a scrapbook keeper or a family history professional), so I downloaded the free trial to see how I liked it. I have to say that the nitty-gritty detailed record keeper in me was pleased as punch. You could accomplish the same thing with a spreadsheet program, but if you don't enjoy setting up spreadsheets and formulas, this program has an easy interface and would be handy for record-keeping no matter what your homeschooling style.

As I was plugging in my own family's activities from the past few days, it occurred to me that this program would be ideal for 4-H record keeping, as well. In fact, I like it so much better than what the extension office has created (word documents with expandable tables for data entry) that I am contemplating a purchase of this software for 4-H project record keeping alone.

If you are lookin for record keeping or documentation assistance, this is one program I would actually recommend.

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